Privacy Policy & Data Protection

I take your privacy very seriously. The information gathered in your registration form/health questionnaire before you start classes is kept strictly private, password protected, and will never be passed on to any 3rd parties. It is gathered solely to enable your safe and effective participation in my classes and to contact you with relevant information about your classes. By signing your registration form/health questionnaire, you consent to your personal details being stored and used by Strong Body Pilates as described above. You can request a copy of the information I hold on you at any time.

Health Questionnaires

Before participating in any of my classes for the first time, you MUST complete a health questionnaire. There is a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiess Questionnaire), a Postnatal PAR-Q and a PARMed-X for Pregnancy Questionnaire, depending on your individual circumstances. You must answer all questions honestly, and I will use the information you provide to determine if; a) You are fit to participate straight away, b) You need to consult your GP or other appropriate healthcare professional before participating, c) You are unable to participate. Pilates is safe and effective for most people, but I will always seek appropriate guidance if I have any concerns. Any changes to your health should be reported to me immediately and I may require you to complete a new PAR-Q form to ensure your continued safe participation. If you feel unwell before or during the class, you should refrain from participating until you feel better.


I sometimes take photos in my classes to use on my website and social media. If you do not want yours, or your child's image to be used, please just let me know. Otherwise it will be assumed that you don't have a preference. 

Booking and Payment

If you have purchased an adult class 6-week flexi-pass, these 6 classes can be used in any adult class on the timetable, but must be used within 3 months. No refunds will be given. If you have purchased a 6-week block booking, this must be used for a specific class on the timetable which you specify at the time of booking, and must be used on consecutive weeks within that 6-week block. One class substitution per 6-week block will be allowed if you can't make your normal class. No refunds will be given. If you choose to PAYG, if the class is full, clients who have booked a flexi-pass or block booking will be given priority. I will of course try to accommodate everyone though wherever possible. For Pregnancy &  Mum & Baby Classes, if you miss a class, you're welcome to attend another class being held during that week, or during any other week, within that 6-week block. Please just contact me before attending another class to ensure I have space. No refunds will be given unless your baby arrives early, or unless a change in your health means that your participation becomes unadvisable or contraindicated. This also applies to normal adult classes. If I have to cancel a class due to illness etc., I will refund, or carry credit over as necessary.

Health & Safety

Your health, and that of your baby/babies is of utmost importance during our classes. In our Mum & Baby classes, you are able to incorporate baby into some of the movements, however, you must listen fully to instructions, and if you do choose to incorporate baby, this is at your sole discretion. In all classes, please ensure that you listen to your body and stop if you feel any discomfort or illness. Pilates should be gently challenging, but not painful, so it's your responsibility to inform me immediately if you experience any pain or discomfort so that I can offer modifications. I am not medically trained, so I cannot diagnose issues or offer specific treatments, however I would like to work with your physiotherapist or relevant healthcare professional, with your permission, to ensure that the work we do in our classes is beneficial, and in no way detrimental to your existing condition or recovery. Pilates is a 'hands-on' dicipline, with the instructor helping to physically guide you in some exercises to ensure that you are performing them for optimum benefit. If you have any problem with this, please do let me know as this isn't an issue what so ever. 


I have full Instructor Public & Teacher Liaibility Insurance and Additional Activity Insurance for Parent & Baby Classes. I also have Children's exercise insurance so am able to teach all ages.