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Antenatal Pilates

After much scientific research, keeping active and exercising appropriately during your pregnancy is now regarded as safe, is encouraged, and can provide a great number of benefits to both mum and her unborn child, physically and mentally. Benefits can include reduction in nausea, fatigue, back pain, abdominal muscle separation, excessive weight gain, length of labour and recovery, and maternal hypertension. It can help improve core and pelvic floor strength, posture, mental wellbeing and energy levels. There are always exceptions and certain medical conditions can have an impact, so expectant mums will always be assessed prior to taking part in any exercise programme. Pilates is an ideal exercise method for expectant ladies as it is gentle, yet challenging enough to help improve core and pelvic floor strength to assist with birth and postnatal recovery, improve posture as your growing bump changes your centre of gravity and aids relaxation.



In our classes, we will combine our exercises with improved breathing patterns. We will work on strengthening the all important Pelvic Floor muscles and all of this will help with preparation for labour and your postnatal recovery. At the end of our classes, we will take time to relax and really focus on you and baby. 


Meet other expectant Strong Mamas!

Making new friends with other expectant mums in your area is a lovely way to share the pregnancy and motherhood experience. You may find being on maternity leave is a big change from your 'normal' life, and having other ladies around you in the same situation can be a great way to help you get the most out of the time spent with your baby. I aim to create a supportive, nuturing environment where you can relax, ask questions of eachother and really focus on you and baby.


Pregnancy Session - Breathing and warm up on the ball.

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